Right then, after some looking around the net I've found a very useful php script called Qdig, that means I can just ftp pictures, and it creates galleries on the fly. Marvelous! I had looked at Flickr, but to be honest didn't like it - I wanted it to be simpler and it just didn't seem to be.

I've added in a few pictures from the archives, and some new ones from our walk today on the Rivelin Valley. Our camera is shit by the way, so I apologise for the image quality! I must add thanks to Chris Hill for our discovering Rivelin Valley, because until I had seen his pictures of it, I didn't know it existed!

One final note, we've booked our honeymoon!! And for those living in the South Yorkshire area I can highly recommend our newest airport for cheap flights - £75.00 for Dawn and I to go to Prague in July!!