By the power of budgeting and a 0% introductory offer until Nov 05 from Tesco Credit Cards I can now shop for a digital camera!

After much deliberating, I've plumped for the Sony Cybershot DSC P200. For a while I was looking at the Fuji E550, but I didn't like the design, and the 6 million native CCD, even if it is interpolated to 12 million pixels was less than the 7.2 native offered by the Sony.

So I've gone for the Sony, mainly because I can get a 7.2 million pixel camera, with a good shutter speed that looks as sexy as any camera I've seen. This review site gives a good review of the camera, with a few pics, and by the power of froogle I have managed to find it for just £249.99 delivered from Currys. So give me a couple of weeks and hopefully you should see the fruits of my first photographic labours in the photos area of the site!