I'm currently engaged in a war - yes with Google AdSense and religion! I've installed Google AdSense onto the site to generate some cash, and top have a play around with it, but on the photos page a whole new war has emerged.

I'm not a hugely religious person, as you might have gathered from my footer, but Google AdSense in it's infinite wisdom has decided that this one comment means my entire photos page (for now) is devoted to religion! I'm now filtering out all of the URLs I can that it sticks on that page to do with religion, but I can see this battle will only be won by either adding more photos and hoping that Google AdSense picks up on them, or by removing the ad itself, which I refuse to do on principle!

In my battle against the ads should you happen to click on the ad on the photos page you might cost them some money, and that would be no bad thing!