So, old Charlie boy has popped the question to Camilla, and they are getting married in April.

There, that took one line of text and now everyone can move on. But no, the BBC has decided that this is important.

Now before I continue I would like to point out I am not against the monarchy, it's what makes Britain Great Britain, and sure boosts our tourist appeal.

However why the BBC has chosen to go on and on about the announcement of a wedding is beyond me. Some people care, some people don't and in the 20 minutes devoted to the subject on the 6 o'clock news this evening I thought they had covered it fine. But no, they decided a news special was in order at 7 o'clock. I wouldn't mind, but in true BBC style there was nothing new and they just rehashed everything from 6 o'clock. WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT! I daren't turn over to News24, it would be like Ground Hog 15 minutes!

I have to say on matters of supposed importance, the BBC really do go over the top, endlessly repeating themselves and it is very irritating. Some would say don't watch it, but when they change the schedule on BBC1 there is no escaping it.

So my final thoughts:

  • To Charles and Camilla, congrats and all the best.
  • To the BBC, shut up and move on.