Well, just completed our Snowboarding level 4 lesson (for the second time) but this time it was much better! I was turning like a pro (well, pretty good anyway!) Thoroughly enjoyed it and since that was my last lesson before we go away, I can't wait to get on the slopes now!

Dawn had a good lesson too, so we're both feeling ready for the challenge!

In other news Tracy's leaving do on Friday was a good laugh - I was fairly drunk, as some photos taken by Tony Ruscoe will prove! We started in the Wig and Pen, a really nice pub that's just off the beaten track enough for it not to be too busy and a definite must for any future nights out in Sheff. After that we ended up at the legendary Leadmill, and danced the night away to cheesy pop!

Finally I have to announce the winner in the battle of the search engines to correctly index my site the quickest. It goes to the new kid on the block, msn search. Google and Yahoo are still lagging behind, quoting my old version, and this site changed well over three weeks ago now! So well done to msn, you never know, this might make me switch my default search engine...watch this space.