Warning, this post is not funny, but just our way of showing the world how house proud we are!

Well, we've done loads today and we are both absolutely shattered!! In no particular order we have:

  • Been to Halfords to get the pads that stick rear view mirrors to windscreens (after mine snapped off!)
  • Been to Hobbycraft to get some wedding stuff.
  • Been to Green + Benz to buy our wedding rings!! (If I can find pictures online I'll post them here). Needless to say we went over budget but they are really really good!!
  • Washed the car.
  • Fitted the new rear view mirror to the car with the pads bought earlier.
  • Cleaned the entire house (except kitchen).
  • Hoovered the entire house.
  • Done 2 loads of washing.
  • Ironed a mountain of clothes.
  • Broken up the desk we no longer want.
  • Gathered a load of rubbish ready to take to the tip.
  • Sorted out a load of paperwork that has been scattered around the house.
  • Tackled a mountain of washing up.

I think that's about it, as you can see we've not stopped! Tomorrow we plan to take a little easier, taking a trip to the tip and cleaning the kitchen