Well the Easter weekend seems to be shaping up quite nicely now! Good Friday evening shall be spent at Ponds Forge in Sheffield after a couple of tickets to watch Channel 4's "The Games" were made available to us by Tony and Suzy (thanks). Swimming and diving are on the agenda and as it's the first show hopefully it will be a good one, we might even be on TV so the video will be set!!

Saturday the parents are coming over for a bite to eat and then a walk down Rivelin Valley, Dad's particularly interested in all the old mill activity along the river, the sluices, dams and water wheel channels etc, so should keep him happy!

Sunday we're going to my sisters for the traditional Easter dinner (I think the traditional one anyway, might be a Mexican for all I know)! Will be nice to catch up with them and see how the various cats are getting on.

The rest of the week I have off work, but Dawn has to work!! Unfortunately that means I still have to get up and drop her off at the station every morning, but I don't mind really! It looks like I'm going to end up rebuilding the wall out the front of our house during my week off due to the economy drive sparked by the price tag of our wedding rings, and my laziness in getting a builder to give us a quote for the wall! However I've decided not to rebuild the whole thing, rather just try and knit the new bit into the other half, hopefully then making the other half a bit more stable! I'll try and take pictures as I do it, if I do do it, so you too can judge my brickie skills!! Other than that the car's going to get serviced (not good for the economy drive) and I'll be doing other odd jobs around the house and garden. And of course relaxing, enjoying the week off work!!