Well, I threatened it a while back that I would switch search engines if Google and Yahoo didn't reindex my site - and still they haven't, well Google hasn't!!!

So now on the right hand side rather than Google's search box, you'll now find MSN's. It's setup to search this site automatically but unlike Google's there is no option to do a normal search. However once you are on MSN search you can do it there!

MSN seem to index my site almost as regularly as I post, so is very handy as a search tool for finding my old posts (like the one above) compared to the shit results that Google returns, and the still mixed results Yahoo return. As an example the below three links show the results of all three sites searching my site for the keyword snowboarding, something littered throughout my posts. I think you'll agree the results are conclusive between MSN and Google, and Yahoo is trying but still includes some old content in there!

And as a further protest I have only linked MSN back to its site, and not Google and Yahoo. They don't deserve the link backs and high ranking (ahem!) I give them.