Firstly apologies for having to take Big Aunt offline after only one evening live, however we were away for the weekend, and I didn't fancy leaving a hot lamp and a dodgy old PC on all that time, thus coming back to a burnt out house!

However the good news is that Big Aunt is now back online and won't be taken offline for the foreseeable future, yeah! Also numbers have been bolstered by some ant collecting this afternoon to 17.

However the bad news is that I've lost my first ant, he was dead on our return today :0(

Anyway with 17 ants hopefully the tunnels will really start to take shape, stay tuned!

In other news Dawn and I saw Star Wars Episode III this weekend, I really enjoyed it, more than II and I - and it has made me want to watch the original Star Wars now, something I haven't seen for maybe 14 years now! I'm also looking forward to seeing the first BB highlights programme tonight, I've been deprived of Big Brother since the first show, so feel a little out of touch already!