So last birthday by mate and Best Man Anthony Main bought me an Antquarium, so I wouldn't forget about him!

Anyway now that Big Brother is starting in the UK this Friday, I've decided that now is the time to put some Ants in the gel and watch them in what I like to call Big Aunt (thanks go to Tony for the genius pun linking Big Brother, and Big Ant into Big Aunt!)

You'll get some house preview shots tomorrow, and I'll launch on Friday, along with Big Brother. I'm planning to get a webcam setup so that you can watch the ant's tunneling progress, but I'm currently having trouble finding Dawn's digital camera that can be used as a webcam (mines useless). In the meantime manual photos will be used and put in the Big Aunt gallery in the photos section of the site.

Some FAQs about the ants and the plans for Big Aunt.

  • About 20 - 25 ants will make the blue gel that provides them with food and drink their home.
  • From the little starter tunnels I make they will tunnel around, and it is the progress of their tunnel building that is the point of Big Aunt.
  • The ants will take between 24 / 48 hours to start tunneling.
  • Any ants that die will be removed from the tank, but no further ants will be added. Any ants that die in tunnels are brought to the surface by the other ants to avoid disease, so that's how I'll remove them!
  • Once all ants have died (they live between 1 - 3 months) Big Aunt is over, until Big Aunt 2!
  • All ants are female, and no Queen ant will be present in Big Aunt, as I don't have one!

As for things to do with the ants, such as tasks, I'm not really planning anything other than watching them. I am however open to suggestions, so if you have any let me know.

All that's left for me to say is watch this space!