Yep, you read right! I've found out this weekend via my parents (a surprise there, I'm normally telling them about new things) that E4 is going to be made available on Freeview from 27th May, to coincide with the start of Big Brother 6! They will also be releasing E4+1 on Freeview as well. That means 24 hour coverage of Big Brother is available to the masses at last!

What does this also mean? We can save £7.99 a month by scrapping our Top Up Tv subscription, as E4 was all we really had it for! Secondly we can buy a new DigiBox now we don't need the slot for the viewing card, as the ITV Digital one I've got at the moment is pants due to the software being slow and out of date. Hopefully changing it will make the electronic program guide much quicker and easier to use, and changing channel shouldn't take 5 seconds!!

Plus Men and Motors is on Freeview now, something else I had no clue about!