What is it with people and Elvis Presley? I know I'm not of the right generation to be commenting on this as I haven't seen "The King" live, but come on, really, what is wrong with you people?

As far as I can surmise, yes he was one of the first to do rock'n roll, I'll give him that, but his songs were average, nothing on some of today's male solo artists, he wasn't the only solo male artist about, certainly isn't anymore, and got fat eating burgers and died. Yes people, he's not missing, about to come back, he's dead.

And yet people still love him, worship him, call him "The King", impersonate him, visit his home, Graceland. WHY???? His music is ok, but the need to love the man is a little sad.


Anyway the cause of this rant, and it is a rant, is Junior Mastermind. How could they possibly be related I hear you cry? Because on tonight's programme a girl's specialist subject was Back to the Future, and her interest was in time travel. And during the little chat before the general knowledge John Humphrys asked her if you could meet anyone in time, who would you like to meet? And her answer, yes you've guessed it folks:

Elvis bloody Presley.