Walking to the station this evening I saw an old mini and suddenly a great business idea came out of my head.

Mini mini cabs™

An idea of genius I'm sure you'll agree, a mini cab company whose entire fleet consists of Minis. You could have the older style minis, new style minis, convertible minis, and for the luxury end of the market some of those limousine minis. Throw in online booking, as well as the normal telephone service, and you have what Domino's Pizza did for pizzas for mini cabs!

I'm sure you will all want to congratulate me on my great idea, or point to flaws in my plan, so go right ahead - its my idea and you can't steal it from me now I've blogged it so any feedback is all good!

And in case you were wondering Google, Yahoo! and MSN Search have no "Mini mini cabs" in their results so that's a good start, now all I need to do is get funding.........