I've written my first ASP.net file for my blog, whoopeee!! The new feature is in the nav bar, and is an aspx file within an iframe. Titled "Other Recent Blog Posts" it reads the rss and atom feeds of various blogs and sites I like to keep an eye on, and displays the title of the latest item, thus helping me keep track of which sites have been updated.

To avoid the page constantly hitting other peoples feeds whenever someone looks at my site I've implemented a sort of caching feature. The aspx page generates a static version of the links, and only updates it if someone loads my site and the static page is older than 12 hours - if it is within the 12 hours the aspx page simply redirects to the static page.

Full code listing is available, use it as you wish, pick over it, criticise it, ignore it - as usual all comments you may have are greatly appreciated on this, my first ASP.net outing!