As you may have noticed I have given the site a little makeover. Essentially I've tinkered under the hood of the site to make the layout a little more fluid. Doing this with CSS has taken all the afternoon and evening to accomplish, however it does seem to work OK now. It should now fill your screen and is officially designed for 1024x768, but should look fine in most resolutions and text sizes.

In addition to this I've moved all of the Blogger template images onto my web space so if their site is down mine still looks OK, and have produced a print style sheet, so if you print my blog you won't have to print the nav or header/footer, plus the text is all in black with the links underlined.

Anyway now I've finished doing all of this I'd better pay my fiance some attention cause she's starting to winge...

P.S. 4 posts in one day, you lucky people!