Well the title might be a little misleading, but I don't care! Apparently, word on the street (that street being Alison's) I have a group of student teachers who like reading my blog during their ICT lessons - when they should be DOING WORK!

Apparently I make them laugh, whether at my hilarious posts, or just at me and my sad posts about elections and my walls, who knows?

Anyway I now feel under great pressure hearing this news to make an effort with my spelling and grammar, and more importantly to make it a bit funnier.

But then again they're already reading it at this level of funniness, so should I bother trying to make it funnier? My instinct is no, if they wanna read it then they will. Anyway this particular group of student teachers can now revel in the fact they are mentioned on my blog!

And if any of them want to comment about this post to prove their existence, then please go ahead, although if you were to not comment that would just make me look foolish.

Class dismissed.