How the web doth work! It was only today at lunch I was reading in "Computing" that companies should watch blogs for mentions of their products, urls, etc for free market research and spotting potential problems. They said that searching all the worlds blogs is easy with an rss agregator. The only stumping block I found was how do you get the rss feeds for all the blogs in the world, and how do you search them?

Well I need be stumped no more for is here to save the day. I found it looking at my own site stats and found it to be a referring url - and low and behold it monitors over 10 million blogs and allows you to search for and watch keywords and urls. What a stroke of luck that I should find it today of all days!

Fantastic. So tomorrow at work we can all do some great research on our brands, products and services and see what people really think about then!

On a personal level it will also be great to see what other blogs are linking back to mine, and for what topics!