Yes, I have been unusually quiet on the blog the last few days, and much like it bothers Chris Hill, it bothers me too to see the same post at the top of my blog. So I'm posting this to change it.

On a political note its the general election today and I must say I'm glad Labour is leading in the polls, cause lets face it the Convervatives would ruin the country in a single year (tax cuts and increased spending, I ask you who are they trying to kid) , and the Lib Dems, bless em, despite some good policies, haven't got a chance.

I also managed to get some political opinion out of Tony Ruscoe, an apathetic (non-)voter, so that pleased me that I had achieved some success where others might have failed!

I've rambled enough to make this worthwhile, lets see tmw if my hopes for the election outcome are lived out!