I was watching BBC Breakfast this morning and they were reporting about M&S profits being down. They had various analysts on giving their opinions of why this was, and as usual with the BBC they offered it out to the viewers to have their say.

Most of the comments were reasonable, costs to much, trying to appeal to too broad a customer base etc. However one woman was clearly not happy, she wrote in saying they don't have a big enough range, stating that their clothes only go up to size 22.

Size 22! Now I'm not claiming to be fatist but that's ridiculous, if you are not happy that M&S doesn't stock the nice dresses in larger sizes, loose some weight and fit into them like everyone else has to.

In fact I might take it as far to say well done M&S for making a stand. Maybe you could drop your top size down to 20, or 18 even? Maybe the entire clothing industry could do that? That way larger people (who am I kidding, fat people) will get a clear message to loose weight, eat healthily, and obesity in this country would be eradicated.

And if there are no clothes for fat people they won't be able to leave their houses, so we won't have to look at them anymore, or dawdle behind them on footpaths, or squeeze past them in pubs etc...

I'm sure this post will provoke both positive and negative comments, but please let me have 'em!

To those that are clinically obese due to medical problems my sincerest apologies, I am aiming this post at lazy slobs, not you.