As you may recall I was a little disappointed to discover I had received a faulty DVD of GTA San Andreas. Alas I feel I may have been a little foolish. No, I'm wrong, more a damn right idiot, a moron, a stupid stupid person.

As you'll recall I said that I tried the disc in 3 DVD drives in 2 different PCs. Lets now decompose this phrase into the facts.

I own a PC and Dawn owns a PC. In my PC there is an LG DVD drive which doesn't work, and a CD-rewriter drive, which is not a DVD drive. Dawn's PC has 1 CD drive. Without going into too much detail I think its safe to see what happened here.

I was a moron and assumed all of the above mentioned drives were DVD drives and that all 3 worked. I then returned the DVD thinking it was faulty and it probably worked fine. I've thus delayed my playing of GTA SA by a week for no reason at all. Argh! All I need have done, which I have now, is buy a new DVD drive to replace the dodgy LG one. Damn it.

Oh well, it is installed and working fine now so the saga has ended!