Well, its Sunday afternoon and I'm blogging, which means only one thing. I survived my Stag Do! (That said I'm hungover.)

We had a great time. The karting was excellent, the track was pretty cool with its electronic timing and everything, and for £40 a head we got a warm up, 3 heats of 8 laps each, and 1 final of 15 laps. Loads of karting for the price I reckon!

After the karting we headed into town for the meal - that was nice too, although I wish now I'd gone for a pasta dish rather than a pizza dish, but there will be other times to try that out. On leaving the restaurant we were told by the waitress / manager that we were the most well behaved stag party they've had. I wasn't sure whether to take that as a compliment or a not!!

We then headed into Sheffield for a few drinks, and then the law of the Stag dictates I can say no more! Suffice to say I had 4 too many shooters and other drinks, and got a few comments about my outfit (thanks to Anthony for that!)