I've not blogged recently, and since my last post has festered at the top for far too long, this post is to stop the rot. Plus it is also genuinely interesting!

Whilst building my latest .net page, the News & Weather thing, I had wanted to include tv listings for the current evening, from 19:00 until 23:30 or so. This would mean whilst on the PC I could easily see at a glance, for the channels I care about, if anything interesting was on / coming up. Only I could not for the life of me, at that time, find any kind of XML data for tv listings. RT don't offer any kind of service like that.

However I've now found out about XMLTV, an xml schema for storing television listings. And to top that this very handy site has xml files for all major tv channels. Yeah! So now all I need to do is get writing some more funky XSL, add it into the News & Weather page and jobs a good one!

Watch this space.