Before I begin, I'm not trying to offend Germans in any way, but on reading my friend Anthony's blog I do wonder, is he part German? For the man doesn't get the humour in The Office, and now it seems not in Extras either.

The subtle humour, the observations of life, the situations you've seen, experienced and endured through our lives all condensed into great 30 minutes shows, expanded upon just that bit more to take it where you wished you had, or hadn't in real life. This is the brilliance of it, pretty much everyone can relate to it. Don't try and "get it", just watch it, if you stick it out I'm sure you'll start to see the comedy in it all.

As for the rest of BBC2 last night, what followed Extras was The Catherine Tate show. This was sheer brilliant comedy. Apparently it's the second series, more fool me for missing the first. Dawn and I were in stitches, if
you didn't watch this, why not, and make sure you do next week. It's a great little sketch show, with great characters, my favourites being the "bothered" teenager, the couple from Beverley, and the cockney couple talking about their day.

Finally after that hour of brilliance was Absolute Power, again the second series on TV, I've missed the first but decided to try this one out. And I have to say I enjoyed it, very political, very clever and just the kind of high brow humour to finish an evening off before collapsing in our John Rocha sheets (thanks to however bought them off our wedding list).

Right, I think I've achieved the right balance of TV criticness, slagging of
Anthony and smugness with this post, so I'll sign off here.