I've been chipping away under the hood of the website to bring my html coding up to scratch, and I'm finally there. Through a labourious conversion to XHTML 1.0 Strict from classic HTML I've learnt a thing or two about XHTML, like you can't use Iframes.

Anyway to check that a page on my site is valid, simply click the link on the right next to the site feed image. The validator should come back saying the page is valid, if it doesn't then let me know! (There are some problems with the individual post pages due to the comments, but I can't update them frustratingly!)

In the coming weeks I'll be adding a standards and accessability page to the footer nav, which will explain what standards I'm trying to maintain, and what accessability features I have added to the site. Whilst you won't notice much difference, hopefully it will mean the site is viewable in more browsers as it should be viewed, now and into the future.

Carry on.