Well it is almost 3 weeks since we tied the knot, and busy weeks they have been. You don't quite realise how much work getting married is until you do it, and by then it is too late!

For instance, if you think planning and executing the wedding is enough, post wedding there is a whole host of crap to deal with. Firstly you leave everything for a week whilst honeymooning, which means you come back to a right old mess!

You've got to sort out all your presents, which in many cases means a lot of washing up so you can use things, and loads of rubbish. You have to find places to put them. In a small house this isn't so easy, and so we're now having to look at getting a new kitchen, just to put everything in it!

You got to sort out all the multitude of photos from the wedding, send off disposable cameras etc.

You've got to buy and write all your thank you cards, and in timely fashion before the new in laws start moaning!

You've got invite people round for dinners, and visit as many relatives as possible as the new Mr and Mrs Riley. I say you've got to like we don't like doing this, but we do. We're really trying to see as many people as soon as possible so that its done, and then we can actually get a weekend to do nothing!

You've got to go to Debenhams and close off your wedding list.

You've got to change Dawn's name. This is a lot of work. The number of places that ask for the original marriage certificate means you can't do it all in one go, you have to send it off to one place, get it back, send it off to another... Then the money - you have to get a new passport which is £42 these days! On the upside being married meant our car insurance came down by £40 (although Dawn being married to me doesn't mean she is less likely to crash now is it?) And the number of places you have to change it - for the house alone there is the mortgage, life insurance, house insurance and the name on the deeds with the land registry. Luckily Dawn's name isn't on any of the bills save the TV license, so that makes things a bit easier!

Anyway as you can see getting married keeps you busy, but at the end of a hard day the main thing is I can sit down, crack open a beer, and put my arm around my wife.