Can you hear them? The typewriters of local hacks across the UK are now feverishly writing a response to Channel 4's The Best and Worst Places to Live in the UK.

I can see the headlines now. "Why are we the worst place to live?" "We are the best place to live!" "Why weren't we in either list!"

And local councillors too for those places featured will be falling over themselves to get the next soundbite about how wrong / right Channel 4 was, how they are turning things around / going to continue the good work in their area. And those places not featured will have councillors wanting answers as to why their area wasn't included.

It will be pandemonium, at a local level.

I for one would just like to add why wasn't Wombwell on the list? We're part of the ripple effect from Sheffield, surely that deserved a mention? I shall be writing to my local MP. ;o)