Yes, after much secrecy I took Dawn to Flamingo Land for her birthday day out. Now first things first, a little renaming needs to occur, Flamingo Land is now to be known as Chav Land! It was littered with them, one can only assume they were all staying at the lovely Flamingo Land caravan park!

Anyway, we've taken loads of pictures of the rides and animals for you all to look through. The new ride Velocity is especially good I thought, Dawn doesn't quite agree!! The Wild Mouse ride is scarier than it looks, and after that we sidestepped most of the other coasters, in favour of the animals.

We've also got a special announcement to make - can I introduce Larry the Lion, our newest addition to the Riley family. As you can see he's already integrated well into a Riley day out!

Anyway, we're knackered now, so we're off to watch Eugene win Big Brother, and if he doesn't its a damn shame.