We've been to the Grand Prix Athletics today at Don Valley Stadium, and a good time we had too.

The seats I'd booked were as expected, great views of the stadium, including the main straight and finish line, field and top bend. The seats also put us in prime position for the much hyped entrance of Kelly Holmes, and an entrance it was. Firstly we had a helicopter fly-past, followed by another helicopter, which landed in the stadium to drop Kelly off. Kelly then wandered through balls of flame, which the crowd loved / were slightly scared by!

Following that the athletics got underway, with some jumping, running, hurdling, and more running!

There were also a few big names in the sporting world there. We saw, obviously, Kelly Holmes, Maurice Greene, Lord Coe, Justin Gatlin, and Sally Gunnel to name but a few.

All the events were great fun, the weather was ideal, and it was a really nice send off for Kelly, despite her injury she struggled on and we got to see her, so top marks for effort.

Anyway, looking at the time I really should be in bed for the coming week of work, not posting on the blog, so enjoy the athletics photos and good night!