Lost, as you should all be aware is a great new drama that has started on Channel 4 in the last few weeks, and has already aired in the US. And as those of you who watch it will know there is a great deal of mysterious goings on on this programme. The beast in the jungle and the repeating 16 year old French message are just two of them.

Well I think I have solved these mysteries. (Some people I know have already watched the entire series, so to them this theory of mine is going to amuse.) Firstly the strange creature that is on the island knocking over trees and making loud noises. It doesn't exist, it is the Wizard of Oz! Secondly the repeating radio message, it is being played by the Wizard of Oz!

Now crazy I might sound, and my knowledge of the Wizard of Oz isn't great, but wasn't he a little guy trying to scare off Dorothy with big special effects and a booming voice? Cut to a little guy hidden in his paradise island, doesn't want these downed plane passengers on his island, so scares 'em off in his own Wizard of Oz show with beasts and demoralising radio messages?

You've got to admit it is a genius idea I've had here, I look forward to your comments...