For the past 2 or 3 weeks I've been working away feverishly on a groovy online TV guide, making use of Ajax techniques, consuming these UK XML TV listing files provided by Andrew Flegg.

Anyway why I've decided to do this and how I've done it I'll answer when I write it all up properly - suffice to say if you've got Freeview, or you watch these channels regularly on Sky, then this should be very useful. It also covers several radio stations.

Anyway as a beta I'm after you guys to give me feedback on my efforts so that I can improve it and make it even more useful. You can find it here (EPG stands for electronic programme guide). Any feedback you have, be it suspected bugs, improvements in look and feel, usability, etc let me know.

A list of known issues, compatability and planned features is on the page, so check these before contacting me! To give me feedback either reply to this post with a comment, or send me an email direct to [email protected]. Make sure you include the letters "epg" in the subject, or your email might not get through my spam filter.

Thanks in advance for your feedback, and I hope you find my little creation useful!