I was watching BBC news this morning, and as so often is the case, the stupidity of the people they Vox Pop enraged me.

They were talking about the ever increasing price of petrol and diesel at the pump, and how diesel is pricier than petrol at the moment. The enraging comment made was a classic mistake of the masses, tied up in their own selfish lives (of which I am guilty, I won't deny it, I'm a hypocrite, so sue me) they weren't thinking about the big picture. The comment was:

"If the price per litre went over a pound I would probably sell my car, and use public transport instead, because in London you don't need a car anyway."

My God, finally after all these years, she didn't realise it but the policy of taxing fuel so that you consider alternative means of transport is finally working. Consider this a small victory for the environmentalists who continually lobby the government for higher fuel tax to get us out of our cars. Of course she can sell her car as she lives in London, for any other place in the UK you'll find it hard to get about on public transport reliably. But that brings us back to the fuel tax, money from that goes into improving public transport (supposedly) and thus harmony and clean air is brought to all our towns and cities across the UK. If only the masses could add 2 and 2 together to see why we pay so much fuel tax Gordon Brown could get on with his job much easier.

End of rant.