I've had a Mozilla moment. In a flash of Google Talk being released I'd signed up for GMail. In the instant that happened I loathed Hotmail's lack of decent POP access for free. And so in another heartbeat I decided to start using my cgriley.com email address as my official one, have the GMail address as a secondary one, and to ditch Hotmail.

However to make this change I needed a decent email client, because Outlook Express is useless at organising / filtering / sorting mail from multiple accounts. Something not unlike Outlook I thought, and then I remembered Thunderbird from the Mozilla people. Its free, easy to use and has all the features I need (apart from being able to get my Hotmail mail). So I've downloaded it and imported all of my mail (which was very quick and easy). As an added bonus you can register and keep track of RSS feeds within it, so you no longer have to visit 20 sites to see what has been updated, you can just see, like new mail, in Thunderbird. Brilliant.

So now all I have to do is update my online logins to my cgriley.com address, and phase out hotmail. Obviously I'll still keep an eye on my hotmail account for now, and through this cool looking Thunderbird extension (Webmail) I might be able to do it in Thunderbird after all!

Good stuff people. Mozilla, a pat on the back for you!