Today is meant to be a great day. The day when I can hold my head up high and say I am proud to be English after such a magnificent Ashes victory.

However I can't hold my head up high, and say I'm proud to be English, because English people are stupid. All these arseholes panic buying petrol are causing chaos over nothing. If the mindless idiots bothered to read and watch the news properly, they would have noticed the forthcoming protests aren't planning to blockade supply routes, just stand around outside oil refineries, and have go slows on major roads.

No shortage, no panic buying needed. The only thing creating a shortage is you idiots panic buying.

Go home, stop worrying about it, hell if the worse happens and you can't get into work because there is no petrol, enjoy it, you work more hours than the average EU citizen anyway!

Please people of England, I beg of you, grow some brains.