After a bit of work this Sunday afternoon, I now declare the Online TV Guide out of beta and live!

I've finally managed to sit down and spend a bit of time ironing out the last main bug, that the listings data didn't update properly when opened for the first time that day. I solved it (based on an idea suggested by Tony) by naming all of the XML files with the date they are listings for, and then changing the page to load in the current server date, and request files for that date, or that date plus however many days specified when you choose to view a different day.

Suffice to say it works much better! As it is now live I guess any bugs you find are supposed to be more important, contact me using the details provided on the page if you do find any and I'll try and fix them as quickly as possible.

And now for a closing tagline for this post, how about "Find a new programme today."