- See It Your Way

As you may remember I launched an Online TV Guide a while ago and during development of that, Tony commented that it looked a bit pink, and then proceeded to say, "But are you gay tho'?" in a bothered style teenage voice.

I decided to do something about this.

So to allow Tony to view my site in more, ahem, masculine colours, and to also better improve the accessibility of my website, I have integrated a style sheet switcher, and a number of pre defined style sheets into the site.

So now you can view my site in the standard magenta, blue, green or for those who have problems with their sight, an accessible version (its bigger and the colours have a higher contrast).

If you want to know how it works look at the source and ask me questions if you can't figure it out, I'm happy to explain it to you. You should see the alternative styles in browsers that allow you to change the stylesheet too. The only page I've not fully updated to use the new styles is the tv guide, that will follow soonish.

So go forth, choose your colour, and enjoy.