Last night, about 20 of us headed out of work, but instead of parting ways, we headed straight to our local Gala Bingo place (what do you call a bingo place?) (ah of course, a bingo club!) and got down to some serious bingo fun.

So why bingo? Why not, to be honest it was a good laugh. For 10 quid you get a load of books, making up 13 games, and in each game you get 6 chances, so that's 78 chances to win maths fans! What surprised us the most was the speed, there's about half a second, no more, between each number, in which time you have to check all 6 boards, dot your number, see if you've got a line, two lines or a full house, and holler if you have!

We seemed to manage it just, however during the entire night not one of us from work won. Tony suggested it might be a fix as we were the new members, I'm not so sure ;o)

So, as gambling goes I put this in second place, ahead of horse racing, which is too slow between races for me, but behind Greyhound racing. You can't beat the quick succession of races, seeing your dog run it's heart out round the track, small bets, and nigh on impossible chance of losing on every race in a session. If you haven't tried it, get down your local dog track on your next free Saturday night.