To be honest, I was a little disappointed with Chris's cat post. After a weekend of hype, he didn't deliver the usual banter between himself and Jimmy, the cat. Therefore, taking this picture as inspiration, I present the conversation Chris had with Jimmy, that he didn't post.

Chris: What are you doing with that piece of string?
Jimmy: I'm trying to split it out into individual threads to weave a bracelet for you.
Chris: I don't want a bracelet, so stop it please.
Jimmy: You are going to love this bracelet, it will look great on you.
Chris: I'm not wearing it, I'm not gay.
Jimmy: Regardless of whether you are gay or not, I want you to wear it.
Chris: Why do you hate me?

Not a patch on Chris's normal cat conversations I know, but at least it should help to fill a void I know we are all feeling at the moment.