Well, today has to be one of the most expensive days of my life. We have spent just shy of 1500 of your English pounds on a new kitchen!! We've got it from Wickes, in the Aston range, and is not only going to look great, but make our kitchen 100 times more useful than it currently is.

In other news I've finally bought a replacement burglar alarm control box to replace the broken one we inherited when we bought the house. It is a Maplin job, so I'll be having fun wiring that up tomorrow, and no doubt annoying the neighbours with random sirens during the day!

Finally cars. As a general rule I don't tend to talk about work on the blog, however there are couple of perks working for SDL International. One of those is that when I have to take a trip down to HQ in Maidenhead, I get a hire car, and as I'm going down there on Monday the latest one has been delivered. Now I swear the receptionist said as I'm under 25 I had to have a smaller car, however, what turned up this morning is far from small, its a flippin' Nissan X-TRAIL!! So, I've not done too bad this time, and the other two cars I've driven are a new Renault Megane, and a Honda Accord. Thank you work for letting me sample a variety of new cars. If you're lucky on Tuesday you might get a Top Gear style write up of the X-TRAIL!