A few days back I posted a long boring techie post about a couple of projects I had planned. I have now completed one of them! And this post isn't techie, so please read it!

You can now explore the posts I make to my blog using tags (keywords). There is a new link in the nav which tags you to my tag cloud (what's a tag cloud?) and also against each post is a new link which shows you the tags attached to the post, like below.

Simply click on the tags that interest you, and discover my site in a whole new way!

So how does it work? In a nutshell I assign tags (keywords) to each post programmatically, using the Yahoo Term Extraction API to determine keywords from the post content. I then produce a couple of xml files which the pages you'll be clicking on are produced from. Simple!

If you want anymore information about how its all done, read my previous post, as that gives the method in more detail, or email me, or leave a comment.

Enjoy the tags!