I am a blog pimp. I have whored my blog to the devil of Google AdSense. Why, I hear you crying? Well, why not. I tried it once before and to be honest it didn't do too well, basically because I put it in a rubbish place. But now, I've put it in amongst the posts, in the hope that you, the reader, will find the ads helpful / accidentally click them whilst browsing my site. But also, as they are in amongst my posts they pick up more relevant content, and so the ads are more relevant (more so than the religious ads I was getting when I first tried it!)

I have tried to make them as unobtrusive as possible, but the idea folks is to see how few dollars I can generate from my site! I'll keep you update on how much I make, in the first week I've managed $0.29, so I'm off to a flying start!