Well, the delivery guy rang at 8.00am, and said he'd be here at 8.30 / 9.00. So we lazily lied in bed, thinking we had at least half an hour. Then at 8.15am a knock at the door; damn delivery guys! Anyway, 15 minutes later this is the scene! A lot of cardboard, and hopefully, in there somewhere, a kitchen with a fridge and extractor hood.

Wish me look as I wield my screwdriver this coming week to build up the cabinets ready for installation next week.

We've also, a little late, chosen a floor for the kitchen. It is called Copperfield (by Rhinofloor) and we're hoping it is going to look really good in the kitchen, although you never really know until it is down do you!

I'll be taking pictures of the kitchen as it progresses, I'll post any updates here, but you can keep up with the action in the kitchen gallery.