I've got a Mustek DTV 407 for Dawn for Christmas. She knows about it, so this post is OK! Anyway its a portable DVD player, with a Freeview tuner!

I've had it out the box to make sure it works, and its great! The freeview reception is a bit dodgy with the portable aerial, it found no channels at work, but at home it found about 15 tv channels and some radio ones. I guess on the move it won't be much good, but for that there is the DVD functionality. And it plays DVDs really well!

There's plenty of wires in the box, its got a remote, and all the connectivity I could need. And with a decent aerial plugged in I might even nick it to replace our old ITV Digital box until we upgrade to the Humax 9200T.

You can get the Mustek here, and the Humax here.