OK, some people (Tony, Ant, Chris) have been whinging saying that my automated tagging and tag cloud is not very good, as the tags it generates aren't very relevant. Let me explain why this is. Currently I only show tags for a post that occur more than once in my site. Therefore, whilst a decent tag might be pulled out by the term extraction, as it is only used once on a post in my site, it is not included in the tag cloud or against a post. What I think I'm going to do is change how tags are attributed to posts, so even if the tag isn't in the tag cloud (which would balloon if I included all tags), it will be listed as a tag for a post. It just means you might not find that tag in the tag cloud.

Secondly, whilst the zooming tag cloud is cool, it is knackered in FireFox, so I'll look at remedying that tonight.