As I watch the fifth series of "I'm a celebrity...get me out of here" many are quick to jump on the "reality TV will rot your mind, and is dumbing down television" bandwagon. I'm not going to jump on said bandwagon. More so I'm going to say it is actually quite good. OK, so there are questions about animal cruelty in the bush tucker trials, and watching someone eat Wallaby penis is not great, but the rest of it makes for a laugh. It is, in essence, all about human spirit, conquering your fears, pushing yourself to the limits. The things we all want to achieve really, but instead prefer to watch z list celebrities do on our behalf. Of course there is suffering, but at the end of it all they seem to come out better people, with new found knowledge about themselves. And in amongst it all is the great sight of these celebs covered in slime and insects, screaming their way through it all for our entertainment.

This is where my brain started to do its usual wandering. If you have ever seem the film The Running Man (A wrongly-convicted man must try to survive a public execution gauntlet staged as a TV game show.), number 1 you'll know it is a great film, number 2, it helped my mind to wander. Also, apparently we've got an anti-social behaviour problem in the UK, and the Government solution has been ASBOs (Anti Social Behaviour Orders) restricting areas to these delinquents at certain times of the day, and banning them from congregating in groups.

I'm sure you can see where my mind has gone with this.

"I've got an ASBO...get me out of here"

Yes, that's right, instead of slapping an ASBO on these delinquents, simply pack 'em off (compulsory of course) to the Australian jungle, put them through a few bush tucker trials, and broadcast it on T.V. Once they're reformed the public can vote to send the most reformed individual home to the bosom of their families (the TV vote paying for this whole palaver). Of course, should they shout "I've got an ASBO...get me out of here" during their "life changing experiance", they get given an ASBO, which they can either work off by spending more time in the jungle, or return home to a short stint in jail, and a fine. Genius, I'm sure you'll agree.

I'm also sure this will generate a few comments, and as my readers have not been shy to comment in the past, let me have it!