Yes, it has nearly been one whole week since I last put a post on here, so here I am to stop the rot / ramble on like a crazed loon. The last week has been pretty busy, with work trips and journeys to the in laws. (On a side note I'm hoping to write another car review for the Golf and Astra hire cars I got to drive for work.)

On the blog you've hopefully noticed the tags now get displayed below the post, you don't need to click to another page to see them. I've also tidied up and adjusted advert placement - don't forget folks only click on the ad if it is relevant to you.

A blog of note I've stumbled across is - a blog run by an ex-googler. It makes for an interesting read into the early workings of Google. The posts are long, but worth it.

Finally, a tip from the top. When driving, don't crash, it costs money, as I've been finding out. :o(