It was my birthday yesterday, I've turned a grand old age of 25! More importantly however, it was Tony's sisters day to give birth to her first child, so I share my birthday with a new born and that's way better. If only I were 0 days old again. Anyway, I'm sure Uncle Tony will post something / photos about all of this soon.

So back to my birthday and what I got. As you'll know I was deeply frustrated by Dawn's surprise, so finally I got to see what it was - a Humax 9200T Duovisio Freeview Personal Video Recorder! Wicked! I'll be posting a review on this soon.

Other presents:

  • Burton Moto snowboard boots (the black ones) from Mum and Dad - again, wicked!
  • Phoenix Nights series 1 and 2 from Ali
  • Snowboard socks
  • 3x bottles of red wine
  • 2x Dairy Milk fruit and nut
  • Toblerone - consumed
  • and the usual bit of money.

Not a bad haul for a 25th birthday!

To celebrate I went out with the family to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (which is a great film, if you haven't watched it, go watch it!), and then we headed into town to La Mancha on West Street. It is a tapas restaurant and was really nice. The staff were friendly, the food great, and importantly the sangria was superb! I'm also reliably informed that the desserts were pretty damn fine too. All in all highly recommended, and a good end to a great birthday.