The eagle eyed amongst you (Tony) will have noticed my tags and tag cloud have altered slightly. Why, I hear you cry? Let me explain.

Good as my automated tagging system is, Yahoo's Content Analysis returned a lot of keywords per post, and meant each post had a lot of tags. Not good, especially when some of the tags like "hopefully" and "nice" were more prominent than they should be. So I've tweaked the code to try and make the tags more meaningful, and less of them.

The first problem to solve was to remove tags like hopefully and nice. They really are useless, and also handily classed as adjectives and adverbs. So via the power of and some screen scraping to discover if a suggested tag is an adjective or adverb, off they went! Secondly I discovered rather handily that the Yahoo service returns keywords in relevance order, so by limiting the number of tags per post to a maximum of 5 also means the rubbish is removed from the list of tags, and only the most relevant retained.

I think you'll find the resulting tag cloud has fewer, more relevant tags (Dawn doesn't like it for obvious reasons) and posts themselves have less tags cluttering up their footer area. I've also removed the expanding feature of the tag cloud, it is no longer cool and was getting on my nerves. If you have any further feedback let me know via a comment.