Wow, I can't believe I missed the birthday of my own blog! Yep, you heard right, it is one whole year and one day since my website became a blog. We've been on quite a journey since then, and the site has seen a couple of changes and cool additions along the way.

Highlights of the last year include:

A couple of admissions too, I lied in this post, I'm not still using Sphere XP. And in this post I talk about the standards page like I was going to finish it. I haven't.

However I do feel I am still partly right in my theory about Lost and the Wizard of Oz. Lets see you argue it now, after the mechanical sound the monster was making at the end of season 1!

Finally though I think the best post I've written all year is this one. Happy birthday!

P.S. - If you think I've missed something of note from the past year, let me know!