Many people are talking about Google Pack now, and I won't go into it all again, Tony has done a great wrap up of the latest on his blog.

My thoughts are more where this positions Google. It is behaving like a celebrity now, endorsing certain products, and no doubt getting some kind of reward from it, be that monetary, converting people to different products, annoying Microsoft, trying to clean up the web, etc.

This is a bit of a departure from the usual Google model of releasing its own (usually better) version of other products in the "Me Too" way, and instead just using products already out there and making them easier to get at. Obviously with Google's influence in the web world the download rate of these products is going to shoot up (although not so much Norton antivirus I feel), knocking out many of the competition these products have. Is that unfair, and is Google abusing its position? Maybe, maybe not, but worth a thought. What will the next endorsement be...?