Happy new year to all my readers, and thanks for continuing to read my blog in 2006. I understand some of you may have made new years resolutions to avoid my rambling, if so, its probably a wise decision. For those of you who haven't, tuff luck, you've missed your chance now!

Anyway Dawn and I spent new years at Tony and Suzy's this year, and much fun we had eating food, drinking, playing Cranium and most importantly, Singstar on the PS2. For those not familiar with Singstar it is a karaoke game, where you don't need to be able to sing in tune, just move up and down the notes in time. Anyway, the reason it was an important part of last night? Because quite simply I am the best singer on Singstar ever. Even when I wasn't trying I still won! So to pat myself on the back I have created the below award. "On behalf of me I accept this award!" Magic!

Winner Singstar Party Award Chris Riley